Stretch Apple Season Year-Round

By / Photography By E. S. Bruhmann | October 01, 2016
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Dry ’em, sauce ’em, can ’em while we got ’em

We are so lucky to live in an area that allows a wide variety of apples. Fresh local apples have been in our farmers’ markets since July, and they are still easily available. Sweet or tart, whichever way you like them, you can put them so many uses.

Consider “putting up” your seasonal apples by drying them. An electric dehydrator can be purchased for around $30, and you’ll find tons of uses for one. I use mine for so many things — tomatoes, figs, apples and pears being the most often dried foods — and I also know a lot of people who make jerky at home and it’s delicious. Dried apple slices keep for ages, stretching the season through winter.

Fresh apples add a great sweet/sour freshness to dressing, and dressing is perfect ways to use those odds and ends of bread of all kinds — in fact, I find the bigger the mix of bread types, the more I like it. If a piece or two of bread gets stale before you finish the loaf, put them in your freezer and before you know it you’ve got the basis for quite the batch of dressing. If the bread has very tough crust, trim it off as it may never soften. Otherwise, leave the crust on.

For whatever you are making throughout the year, keep dressing in mind. If you cook onions, celery and carrots, fix a little extra, collect the extra in a freezer container, and then when Thanksgiving rolls around you’re practically already finished making the dressing.

Apple-Sausage Dressing
Stuffed Apples

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