Food for Thought: June-July 2017

By Steve Makela / Photography By Sarah Jane Sanders | May 30, 2017
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As Edible magazine nationally celebrates its 15th anniversary, a somewhat common question that is asked runs along the lines of “So, your magazine is promoting a vegetarian lifestyle?” The answer is no, my wife leans toward that persuasion but not me. Then perhaps follows, “So, your magazine promotes converting readers to a pescetarian lifestyle?” The answer again is no, we do not wish to limit your choices to fish and veggies only. Finally, one concludes,

“OK, I get it. You want us to simply become flexitarians”— an eating style that is predominantly vegetarian, but where meat can be consumed occasionally. Perhaps there is some truth to that. After all, we have written about Meatless Mondays and “Vegan before 6pm” but that still falls short.

In reality, the answer is much simpler: We want our readers over time to become “Giveashitetarians.”* Becoming one means if you want to eat meat, give thought (i.e., give a shit) where the meat comes from and how the animal was raised. If you want to eat fish, recognize the disgusting reality behind much of the imported seafood and make your choices accordingly. If you want to eat fruit and vegetables, build a deeper awareness of terms like GMO, natural, bee colony collapse, certified organic and miles traveled.

To follow this path, one need not become overwhelmed. Know that becoming a Giveashitetarian is not an all-or-nothing proposition. Rather it is a continuous journey. This is especially true as corporations and their marketing departments lead and mislead and political administrations change colors.

Get started by exploring the many great choices at the farmers’ markets now in full swing, or stop by the new Red Hog meat market or grocery stores like the Good Foods Co-op. Ask questions. Read labels. Plant something. Choose restaurants where the chefs and their menus honestly speak to their values.

We at Edible Louisville & the Bluegrass are in the middle of our eighth year “Celebrating the Pleasure of Local Food and Beverage” here in the Commonwealth. Thanks for joining us on this journey and we will continue to work to keep you informed. When someone asks about your diet restrictions, feel proud to say you are simply working on becoming a “Giveashitetarian.” Then take a moment to explain.

Steve Makela,

Publisher & Editor-in-Chief

* P.S. I have slightly adapted a wonderful term first coined in an email exchange originating from our fellow publishers at Edible Vancouver — the wonderful Phil Solman and Debbra Mikaelson.

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