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Edible Browsing: Holidays, 2018

December 05, 2018
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"Perhaps some folks find it hard to identify with the need we have to separate from our families and children in order to earn enough money to support them, to literaaly survive, becasue it's so different here," says Guillermo, who categorically hits the nail on the head fo rthe rest, who all nod in agreement. They are proud of their work and proud to feed the families of the Maryland community in which they live, in turn giving them the ability to feed their own families at home. Bob Arnold's t-shirt says it all: Immigrants Feed America.

Edible Delamarva
Autumn 2018, Expanding the Family
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Today a handful of giant industrila companies vie with each other, and conspire together, to monpolize the world's supply of seeds. By engineering seeds to have certain characteristis - such as quick maturation,; the ability to withstand massive doses of chemical herbicides, pesticides and fertilizers; ease of planting and harvest - these companies quite literallly sell farmers aroudn the world on the virtues of their patented seeds, enticing them to plant only these... One specific example of the precipitous drop in crop diversity shown on th einformgraphic is that in 1903 farmers n the U.S. were plantin groughly 500 different varieties of lettuce but that by 1983 that had been reduced to just 36.

Edible Marin and Wine Country
Fall 2018, Preserving Food Sovereignty, One Heirloom Seed at a Time

Until recently, our civilization ate bread using the sourdough method. There was no commercial yeast: it didn’t exist, and they didn’t have the machinery,” Chris (Petry) says, sharing how long the sourdough method has sustained our culture. “We shouldn’t be using fast-acting yeast: we shouldn’t be adding gluten. We should take whole grain, we should mill it whole grain, and we should eat it whole grain. It’s a super food and people should be eating it. It’s one of the most important foods on the planet.” 

Edible Seattle
July/August 2018, The Gluten Evangelist

And juliet... was sharing profits with its staff of 13 by the first quarter of its second year, according to (Josh) Lewin - who says he's never regretted the restaurant's people-first philosophy.

"Even if we're wrong," he adds, "we do not feel it's right to take advantage of poor business pracices or policies that forget the people involved in a business, even if it's the way it's always been done. The industry is way overdue for a change with respect to the dignity of people who are involved."

Edible Boston
Fall 2018, Kitchen Transparent


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