Edible Browsing: Aug-Sept 2017

By Edible Louisville | July 28, 2017
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“The true divas of the garden, tomatoes freak out at just about anything: too much rain; not enough; they feel crowded; they feel neglected; over-mothered; the air just doesn’t seem right. But, like any celebrated VIP, the tomato has earned her spot as the superstar of the stage. ,Edible Hudson Valley, Summer 2017, “Tomatoes and Peppers,” page 29


They (cattle) have been pasture residents since birth, and everything they eat is grown right there on the farm. During the warm months, their diet is an all-you-can-eat deli of organically grown green pasture. The winter menu is more of the same, but presented in a tasteful bale fashion, the julienned grasses and legumes prepared and preserved over the prior season and served family style. ,Edible Michiana, Summer 2017, “The Sustainable Choice,” page 14

The (school) district was buying frozen heat-and-serve food to reduce skilled labor and equipment costs. Fast-food culture had taken hold and food service directors around the country were buying in to this new version of efficiency. Schools had no use for stoves and ovens, so the directors were not replacing them. Box cutters had become one of the most frequently used kitchen devices. ,Edible Santa Barbara, Summer 2017, “Making America Stronger – One School Lunch at a Time,” page 59

(Restaurateur Jeanie Roland’s) reply to a question about her “best dish” could definitely be her philosophy for life: “My best is yet to come. If I had a best dish, I’d be a has-been. I’m like a Bordeaux — I just keep getting better.” ,Edible Rhody, Summer 2017, “Chef and Restaurateur Jeanie Roland,” page 26

Picture this: You’re at the supermarket and find yourself in the poultry aisle, staring at glowing shelves of chicken parts. Skinless chicken breasts, boneless thighs… concealed within plastic packaging that boast the birds within were raised without hormones and on GMO-free feed. Snuggled nearby, others claim to be organic and to have freely roamed in a range of some sort. If you’re like me … all these labels and options can make you weary in a hurry… There is, however, a better way: the farmer’s market. Edible Houston, May-July 2017, “Closer to the Bone,” page 26

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