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By Ann Curtis | Last Updated April 01, 2016
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April/May 2016 Issue Louisville cover art

Food For Thought

But how deeply will you see this spring?

Whether in your own garden or your neighbor’s or in a farmer’s field, look beyond the little seedlings emerging now, the buds blooming on trees.

Practice the wonderful art of looking deeply. Pause a moment and try to see the bountiful harvest just beginning to be created.

In the miniscule two-leafed plant that has just broken soil, can you see the wonderful salad to be served? Perhaps you will see a farmer’s smile as their livelihood-sustaining crop starts its annual cycle… or a farmer’s tears as an unexpected spring storm or freeze destroys it.

Perhaps you will see your favorite chef’s excitement at the prospect of creating a new seasonal special using only the freshest ingredients. Better yet, in that tiny sprout you might see your own kitchen active with fresh food preparation.

What will you see this springtime? There are so many possibilities — especially if you pause and take time to see deeply.

-Steve Makela, Publisher

Edible Tidbits: April - May 2016

Various new businesses in Louisville opening up in April and May 2016

Crimson Lentil-Yam Tapenade with Eggplant Smoky Chips

Crimson Lentil-Yam Tapenade with Eggplant Smoky Chips
Not a hummus recipe, we like to stress, but an aromatic tapenade that serves as an appetizer if puréed in a food processor, or as a side dish if left chunky. Either way it is a great accompaniment to...

Read 'em and Eat

Lentil Underground
New books look at food from many angles

Growing Places

school children outside in garden listen to man at podium
Campus gardens bear fruit in many ways and places

A Taste of Spring

korean radish salad
Many spring foods do not yield full-bodied flavor that long, hot days bring. But there are many simple ways in which spring foods can be enjoyed.

Korean Radish Salad (Musaengchae)

Korean Radish Salad (Musaengchae)
Pan chan is inspiration for this Korean radish salad, which will help you use all the radishes you might get in your CSA box or from your early garden. I can eat it by the pound but it’s also good...

Easy Asian Asparagus

easy asian asparagus with sesame soy glaze
You can leave out the cornstarch but it helps the sauce cling to the asparagus.

Edible Local Hero Bluegrass & Louisville

local heroes
Edible Louisville looks for local heroes whose businesses offer high-quality, local products and maintains high standards in social and environmental practices while making a regional economic impact.

Derby Treats (sponsored)

chocolate mint julep fudge
Want to up your entertainment game or find a delightful Derby gift? Here are four winners we chose.

Everlasting Asparagus

bundle of asparagus illustration
Plant asparagus with care, and then harvest and harvest and harvest…

First-Hand Knowledge

Ryan Quarles, Kentucky’s new commissioner of agriculture
Farm upbringing prepared Kentucky’s new ag commissioner

Winding Path Led to Decca

winding path to decca map
Chef Annie Pettry puts lifetime of adventures to work

The Female Face of Farming

female microbiologist and Louisville farmer Tommee Clark
Fewer women running and owning farms, yet they’re finding a new role as the voices and faces of U.S. agriculture

Springtime Quiche

springtime quiche with peppery arugula paired with glazed bacon recipe and fresh fruit
I hope anyone reading this has made a quiche or two before now, but if you haven’t, this is an easy one to start with. I recommend the tart crust I used for a tomato tart a few years ago (...

Glazed Bacon

glazed bacon
Not that bacon needs any gilding, but if you are entertaining and want to fancy things up a bit, this is an easy, easy trick. And, it’s an easy way to cook a lot of bacon at one time.

Cream Biscuits

cream biscuits with butter and preserves
I know everyone around here has their grandmother’s biscuit recipe, and to be sure, there are some fabulous biscuits to be had in these parts. But honestly, I don’t think any biscuit I’ve ever...

Roasted Strawberry Buttermilk Ice Cream

Roasted Strawberry Buttermilk Ice Cream
In late May when the local strawberries start showing up at my farmers’ market, I buy quarts and quarts of them. I never tire of eating them just out of hand as God intended, but I’ve also been...
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